About us

Your destination, our goal.

We have a saying in our team and offices: “Driving up somwhere ? DriveUp there”. Our ingeneers are working and improving every day DriveUp app to give an easier and better user experience. Our technology calculates what is  the fastest way to get from point A to point B, avoiding traffic jam and saving precious time and money. Our tracking system gives you every information you need, you can take a ride without a worry. 

Your safety, our pritority.

We have 20 full time employees dedicated in customer service and  training our drivers to fits with our standarts. We have specific requirements that needs to be met to be part of our organisation. It is our priority to keep you safe and to make your life easier.

Empowerment, our mission.

Our heart is to empower local population, within and wihtout our organisation. We give an oportunity to those who wants to be entrepreneurs, we make sure to employ as many women as men and we favour our leading position to anyone with skills and motivation. Our mission is to give equal oportunities to people willing to get involve in meaningful projects. 

Working together, to create something unique.